Baabaara's Handspun
Prepared for the Holidays (Holidaze?)

Halloween has come and gone, November is here and it is a very busy time for local artists and craftspeople!  I have officially entered the holiday market season with my first Christmas market just 2 days ago.  Please visit my calendar and see where you can stop by and say hello! 
I just pulled my second batch of mushroom dyed yarn out of the vat this afternoon.  i am sadly disappointed in the color I got.  OK, it is color, but light beige/tan.  I am considering trying to fit a dye class being offered at Eugene Textile Center this month, but I know I would really be pushing it with all the markets I have scheduled.  I have much to learn about dyeing with mushrooms to achieve deep colors.  I know it can be done.
I guess I am spoiled with the natural colored animals I raise.  Natural colored wools in greys to blacks, golden browns, chocolate browns, 5 different colors of alpaca, I know white is a natural color, but so many others raise them, I raise the "other" ones! 
gotta run....... Redmond Twisted Stitchers this evening, and more yarn to spin, rugs to weave!!!
spinning and weaving in Central Oregon.

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