Baabaara's Handspun

Ahhh!  the lambs are finally starting!  Cissie greeted me this morning with baa-ing, unusual since my 0500 checks are usually met with ewes giving me quiet stares as I shine my flashlight into their corral to see how everyone is doing.  As I went in to see her, she was obviously ready to start, pawing the ground and everyone else was keeping their distance.  I let the other ewes.  By 0730 Cissie had her warm molasses water, the babes had each had a nice suck of colostrum, and I was free to prep and head out to Zumba where I danced like no one was watching!  Grey again this morning, but now....6 hours later, the sun has come out from under the clouds.  Hoarfrost decorates trees, and I am full of energy and excitement.  One set of lambs will keep me positive for awhile and less fretful as I wait for the other ewes to deliver.

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