Baabaara's Handspun
Waiting for lambs

Shearing is complete.  I now have 11 splendid new fleece in my "raw fleece" storage area and am so very pleased with the wool my animals produced this year!  One of the benefits of shearing just before lambing is that I have my shearer's input on who is bred and who is not.  It looks like I have 5 bred ewes this year!  My oldest ewe, Hornee` (rhymes with play), is still overweight and did not breed again.  She is one of my original ewes, the matriarch of my moorit (brown) line, and continues to produce nice fleece so she stays.  I don't want to have to make a decision on where she would go other than here.  Night checks started last night, and my son (who stays up late) is going to help with the ~0200 check.  Since I get up early, I will do the 0600 one before heading out to exercise.  That's it for now, weaving away today between checks on my ewes. 

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