Baabaara's Handspun
update on lambs

So,no more lambs yet, but I have some better pictures of the two that are here.  They look so much better when they are dry.  Another high humidity day and grey here in Central Oregon, the lambs are taking advantage of this by staying in their little "mothering" jug with their mother.  All they seem to do is sleep, then get up and nurse, and then go back to sleep.  I rousted the brown one this afternoon just to make sure she really is ok..........and sure enough, she got up, nursed......and then within 5 minutes, was back lying down.  They both are looking good.  I gave shots yesterday, will do tails before I let them out.  Since no other ewes have lambed, there is no rush to get them out and into the main pasture.  I always do tails before I let them out............can't be sure to catch them once they are out!!!  Tried to take pictures of the "ladies in waiting" but as it was dusk, when the pre-flash went off, they tucked their heads down into the hay and I quit trying.  Maybe another time.....or maybe more lambs soon??? 

I am open to suggestions for names...........
drop me a line.

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