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Photos and triplet update

It made it up to about 12 degrees here today.  Right now it is 7degrees Fahrenheit and dropping with wind chill that makes it (-)2.2. The lambs and their mothers are in a corral with 3 sides....and plenty of dry hay for bedding and warmth.  There is a heat lamp over Easter and her triplets as the littlest ones have minimal body fat to keep them warm and grow.  I am supplementing Ernestina's 2 lambs and will do so for Easter's as long as needed. 
Keeping corral water thawed, (2 buckets as Easter gets her own right now), lamb and ewe supplements fed, hay to everyone (my animals are divided into 3 areas now that I have lambs and I think it is too cold for them to stay in the pasture), and house warm with the fire going.......Oh, and some lovely fiber to spin and a rug that I am taking off the loom.....I am staying busy and will sleep well tonight.  Old fashioned Beef Stew in the crock-pot that smells delicious!  Oh, here are the photos.

Easter and her triplets

Ram lamb of EasterxHopps.  Brown, not black

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