Baabaara's Handspun
Middle of the night lambing

Early Tuesday morning I was wakened 0130 by my son, Aaron...."Mom, The black on is having babies".  Out to the barn and there was my black ewe, Ernestina, one lamb just out and in the straw.  Face cleaned off and yes, there was another in that one out and beautiful white lambs!  A ram and a ewe.  Fast forward to yesterday (about 36 hours later) and the lambs are looking "hunch-y" and kinda listless.  A little warmed  colostrum I saved from Sweet Pea, and a little lamb mild replacer.....and they are much more energetic and not shivering and "hunched up" as they are up.  Ernestina does not seem to have tons of milk.  similar thing happened last year.  I will continue to monitor.  Meanwhile, here are some pictures of the 2 latest lambs and a couple of the older 3 lambs out on pasture. 

Ernestinas twins

lambs get morning greetings from alpacas

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