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Today I had another lesson in being a shepherdess....This one was a hard one as i lost a lamb. Out to check my ewes about 0630 and the one (Sweet Pea, my registered Romeldale), that had been hanging off to herself on and off yesterday, had a "waterbag" showing.  I came inside, referred to my book on raising sheep, and moved her into a lambing jug and allowed her more time.  On a different level I was stressing as I had been assigned to help out at church this morning and could not plan to leave the ewe.  I had no indication there was a problem with this ewe, but knew church could find someone to cover for me.  it was now 0730. Sweet Pea had finally laid down and was actively pushing.  I reached the entrance, found legs and a nose and assisted minimally to help the lamb out.  I did reach in and felt a couple more feet.  Thinking there was no problem, I left her to work things out on her own after taking a couple pics of the lamb.  My mentor texted me and told me that since I knew there was another lamb in there I should pull it out......and that is where I had trouble.  I could not feel a nose or head to go with the legs and thought the lamb was backward.  Continuing to feel around I found a head..... and still could not figure out how it was attached.  Long story short, I tried to pull and it would not come.  Head was there but twisted around.  My neighbor came to my call (0830) and helped me get the lamb out.  He was a large (13.5 lb) ram lamb that was beautiful......but quite dead. 
Thankfully, ewe roused, and she and the ewe lamb are both doing well.
Sweet Pea and Little Bit

Little BIt
So, my gracious mentor asked me what I learned from this........
*that water bags showing mean get "em out.......
*waiting for nature to take it's course is not the best plan of action when it comes to lambing
*books are not always the best source of information as they cannot answer questions
*call friends and neighbors for assistance earlier rather than later.  Rather owe them a favor than lose a potentially great animal.
Tomorrow I head to "the valley" to pick up my fiber I sent off earlier this month to Columbia Custom Carding.  A dear friend, another fiber nut, will be taking a couple of her fleece over and we will bring mine back.

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